photo cred: Matt Medley

photo cred: Matt Medley


Jude is a Toronto based photographer exploring the ways in which fringe cultures aim to subvert normative social structures. He is inspired by the non-ordinary and numinous states of consciousness achieved through psychedelics, music, dancing, and the accompanying culture. Through immersing himself in these cultures he seeks to dismantle notions of the outsider's gaze, in its place he offers a view into the relationships and temporal space facilitated through shared mystical experiences.

Jude helped to launch Show & Tell Gallery, which has developed into Cooper Cole Gallery. This initial involvement was a catalyst to focus on his creative pursuits. His childhood and youth involvement with skate culture and being raised in a Buddhist household were key influences in informing how and why he finds himself spending time documenting those seeking to step outside of routine life in a creative and collective manner.


Selected Online Features

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